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The Lobby Studio BK

About The Lobby Studio

Centrally located in Brooklyn New York, Lobby studio serves as a production hub for digital content creation, providing a launchpad for creators to amplify their presence and engage with global audiences. Committed to excellence and accessibility, “The Lobby Studios” is set to elevate the standard of content creation, embracing diverse voices and perspectives in the modern digital landscape.

Lobby Studio Services

The studio’s emphasis on quality and innovation extends to its technological capabilities. With the capacity to livestream on all major platforms, creators can reach their audience instantly. The seamless integration of multi-camera setups ensures visually captivating and engaging content. Services include.

Podcast Studio Rental – Live Streaming – Voice over – Content & Marketing Strategy Development – Pre/Post production & editing

Lobby Podcast Network

Besides offering and providing production services, Lobby Studio also develops and produces podcasts for its network. From technical support to scripting, content developent to marketing strategy, Lobby Studio adds value to its partners in the network

Let's Smoke and Joke

Let's Smoke and Joke


“A Cannabis Comedy” a  stand-up show and accompanying podcast that celebrates all things cannabis. Join our charismatic host and a rotating cast of comedians as they light up the stage with hysterical stories, stoner shenanigans, and witty insights into the world of weed.

Black Men Brunch Too

Black Men Brunch Too


The Podcast was inspired by The Black Men’s Brunch. Following in the origin footsteps and tradition, the podcast will be filmed in a black owned restaurant were black men of all ages and walks of life will sit and discuss relevant and pertinent issue facing black men while enjoying fine cuisine.

What's Shake'n Show

What's Shake'n Show

Comedy / Talk Show

A call in comedy show that interacts with the audience as comedian Beloved and his friends discuss, vent, mediate topics as relations, family secrets, sports and current events, all in a somewhat tastefully funny way.

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